Friday, 22 February 2013

Time to Bid GoodBye...

It is a known and much regretted fact that all good things come to an end. From another view, it could be said that where one adventure ends, another begins.If I am talking about concluding adventures in the month of March, then yes (you guessed right) I am talking about UDGAM - Farewell'13 .
PGP 2011-13 with their titles given by PGP 2012-14
Mr.Udgam'13 Somyakanta Nanda and Ms. Udgam'13 Sushuma Namasani
My first reaction ( and I can speak, rather write for most of our batch) about the farewell was "so, soon ! Where have all the days gone?". It seemed like day before yesterday when we were giving our introductions at 3 am all the while facing a formidable class-room full of unfamiliar students, facing our first exams at an IIM ( gulp!) and went out to explore the malls of Raipur.I remember how, the first few days, we were dreading to even talk to the seniors, and how we were full of awe of them.Then we ran to them for advice on subjects, advice on summers, advice on resume and other things under the sun (ahem!). The seniors are your first impression of the campus, not the professors, not the buildings.They represent the walking and talking culture of the campus. We automatically look up to them for everything from the dress code to the advice on choosing streams. 

 As the days went by, there were (perma)thaws in the form of interaction during Freshers party,discussion with seniors in the clubs and committees, on special days with festivities like independence day, republic day etc. Seniors were always there, in the background, ready to help us, guide us if needed. They inspired us, spoke about building and sustaining the culture here, and motivated us.There are some big shoes to fill, indeed.

And on one fine day, we were suddenly bidding farewell to our seniors.There were the usual on-the-surface things like fabulous food, entertainment, fun and frolic. But there was also this undercurrent sense of finality, this sense that the time had come. Yes, the time has come. 

Adieu dear seniors !!
Contributed by: Pavitra Subramaniam , PGP2012-14, she can be reached at

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