Tuesday, 19 February 2013

IIM Raipur's Equinox'13 - Day 2

Case study competitions in Finance, Marketing and B-Plan competition set the day 2 for the Equinox ’13, IIM Raipur’s Annual Fest. Finalists from prominent B-Schools all over the country matched their wits against one another in this fest. The teams were evaluated based on their innovative solutions to the cases and their ability to convince the panel on the feasibility of the solution.
First event of the day was “Vardhushik” a pitch book competition to test the participants’ prowess in devising strategies on finance with respect to mergers and acquisitions. The judges of the event were Mr.Amit Shrivastava of Caps academy commerce and Venkat Vijay, faculty of IIM Raipur. The judges gave a deep insight into various methods of valuation and necessary precautions to be taken in due course. The runner up of the event was a team comprising Ellina, Swaminathan from NMIMS whose proposal dealt with the financial scenario in the television sector. The winners was team “Birbulz” comprising Akhil and Sanket from IIFT who focused on the financial scenario in the FMCG sector.

Winners of the B-Plan event

winners of viriddhi
 (event by Consultancy and entrepreneurship club of IIM RP)
The B-Plan event “Udyam” and an on the field event “VRIDDHI” were organized by the consultancy and entrepreneurship club. The B-Plans were from various domains such as telecommunications, health care, food services and online trading. The judges were Mr.Pratik Singhi, CEO, Lakshya Consultancy and an angle investor, Mr. Manjusha Pariyal from ANM consultancy and Mr.Manoj Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Fast Clean. The runner up of the event was Team “Ozone” from NIITE. Then winner of the event was team “Prana” from BIM Tirichy. In on the field event “Viriddhi”, the participants were given an initial amount of Rs.500 and given a day time to multiply their money in the city. A team from SIBM Pune “The Aces” amassed a whopping sum of Rs.6620 in a single day and emerged as a clear winner of the event.
Winners of Case files
Event by the Manthra (Marketing club)
Participants presenting their case study
The marketing event “Case files” was about identifying the means to revive the spirits of the nation’s youth to join “Indian Army”. The Judges of the event were Mr.Amitabh Pande, Vice-President of Marketing, Chhatishgarh region, Ultratech Cement and LLt.Colonel Jagdish Singh Virdhi. The event saw immense display of patriotism and vibrant emotions amongst participants. The runners up was team “WwW” from IIM Raipur and the Winners was team “Birbulz” from IIFT.
The day gave us lots of learnings and exposure just as it promised, and we are looking forward for the more action packed day 3 of Equinox, tomorrow.

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