Monday, 6 July 2015

Greece: A country struggling with old & new currency

Now there is a big question on the accountability and financial structure of developed countries most specifically in Eurozone after recent happenings in Greece. India and the world have experienced the turmoil in the global market in the last couple of weeks over Greece bailout issues. The new government, the new referendum and many other questions are on the headlines since Greece has been marked a defaulter in its debt repayment.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

The maximum city : My Musings

Everything, or everybody, was on the move in every direction;

there was no place to stop, no place to dawdle,

You either moved on or got mowed down. - Kalpish Ratna

For a long time I have wanted to describe Mumbai as it ought to be described; but I have been too lethargic to strain my encephalon to pry facts and narratives, marshal them, and dish them out in a baroquely coherent way. However overcoming dawdling finally I had a dash to explore and define what exactly mesmerizes me so much about this harbor city!

IIM Raipur conducts first edition of Fin-TALK: The Guest Lecture Series

Finatix, the Finance Club of IIM Raipur invited Mr. Gurumoorthy Mahalingam, Executive Board Member, Securities and Exchange Board of Ind...