Tuesday, 11 October 2011

IIM Raipur Students Lead by Example

The celebrations of the founder’s day of IIM Raipur started with Shramdaan, a volunteering program by Kartavya the social responsibility club. It was our way to thank Government Engineering College, which has generously shared its sprawling campus with IIM Raipur before it moves to its permanent location. The campus had large tracts of unused land and the need to use it constructively was long felt, it was on this occasion that the students pledged their time for leveling the ground so that it can be beautified for future purposes. Members of Kartavya mobilized the resources for the project and identified the areas that could be worked upon.  The students from both batches came in large number for the cause, what was surely an arduous task.
In true managerial sense teams were created with tasks and objectives defined which involved clearing out sections, creating layout for passages and marking areas for sports and recreation activities. Members of Kartavya Umesh Chopra, Abhas, Kirti Singhal provided the resources for the activities and also ensured that the efforts turn into a tangible output.
The end of 2 hours of labour by over 80 students resulted in clearing an area measuring over 200 meters wide and equally long.
In the next few days the place will see beautification carried out; the results of the same would be seen very soon.
Kudos to the volunteers!

Monday, 3 October 2011

KPMG Associate Director & Head, Analytics talks about Analytics and Data Modeling.

Dr. Nitin Singh ,Associate Director & Head, Analytics, KPMG on his visit to the IIM Raipur campus on 24th September,2011as a part of Corporate Interaction Program, briefed the students about analytics and consulting as a career.
He explained the job roles which a candidate would have to undertake in the field of Analytics. The candidates have to work effectively with personnel from a variety of disciplines to provide data analytics driven advisory solutions to a variety of business challenges.
The need to understand complex issues, business processes and risks and determining how internal and external data can be used with other analytical procedures to perform investigations.
There is lot of interaction with clients and other external sources to obtain relevant data and documents in required forms which would be needed in their projects. There is also a need of data cleansing and preparation techniques to achieve necessary results.
The job role of analytics also involves performing sophisticated analyses on large and complex data and then determine  and execute follow-up with various personnel to discover transaction patterns,to examine financial data and resolve issues.
He also talked about KPMG’s forensic data analysis and the recent assignment to KPMG of probing into the issues related to the organizing and conduct of Commonwealth Games,2010.

Former HAL MD Briefs Students of IIM Raipur on Social Values.

As part of IIM Raipur Corporate Interaction program, Mr. T K Dhar, former Managing Director and Board of Director, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, visited the campus on 22nd September 2011. During the discussion, he opened up the new dimensions by stating that it is people who matter most for any organization, group or nation.
He said while deciding the “vision and mission” for life, three things should be kept in mind – Innovation, entrepreneurship and social cause. He said that motivation of social cause has infused a lot of funds in India in last decade. One of the important events enabling all this transformation was PAN IIT 2006 conference held in Mumbai where visionary president Dr A P J Abdul Kalam addressed NRI’s from all over the world.
He further added that high growth rate of our nation needs to be supplemented with growth of most underprivileged sections of the society. While looking for the growth of the nation, three aspects need to be emphasized – inclusiveness, sustainability and micro financing. He cited the example Nobel Prize winning Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus to emphasize the importance of micro financing. Education, healthcare and access to clean water remain the most important areas to work upon irrespective of any stage of growth. He cited the example of Sathya Sai Baba whose organization did a lot of work on healthcare, education and water management.
He quoted Vivekananda’s saying “Those only live who live for othersto emphasize the service to others. He reminded that leaders like J R D Tata always aspired for a “happy” nation rather than for a “superpower.” TATA’s developed excellent basic amenities around their plants in Jamshedpur. PSU’s in India have also been doing justice to Corporate Social Responsibilities since decades. He took up the example of Toyota to adopt values like continuous improvement, respect for people, long term perspective and servant leadership. He ended the lecture citing Lincoln’s perseverance and quoting Gandhiji’s philosophy “The earth has enough to satisfy everybody's need but not anybody’s greed.”

IIM Raipur conducts first edition of Fin-TALK: The Guest Lecture Series

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