Tuesday, 17 October 2017

IIM Raipur explores ‘Infinite Dimensions’, hosts fourth edition of TEDx

From artists and authors to record holders and ideapreneurs, speakers from diverse walks of life graced the fourth edition of TEDx IIM Raipur.Drawing on the theme of ‘Infinite dimensions’, the speakers spoke about how all around us are infinite opportunities, ideas and challenges that need to be solved and brought to realization. The attendees witnessed the prolific speakers and thinkers talk about how they reshaped their own boundaries with their wisdom and experiences.

The event kicked off with a few mesmerizing performances by the students. The first speaker of the day, celebrated photographer and speaker Mr. Arvind Chenji gave a thought-provoking talk on the things he learned from his journey as a photographer. He also spoke about the next part of his journey, where he intends to meet and celebrate the lesser known but fabulous people of India. “When someone comes up with a novel or different idea, people laugh at that person, killing his or her morale. It is those who don’t let their morale die out who create wonders“, said Mr. Chenji.
The next speaker, author and life coach Mr. Achal Rangaswamy, gave a talk on the ‘Joy of Selling’. He gave the students valuable lessons on sales from his vast experience. ‘When you want to sell, don’t sell’ was his mantra that he shared with the audience. “Everyone sells. Politicians, lawyers, doctors – all of them sell. Yet, there is an unnecessary stigma associated with a sales guy, which needs to change” said Mr. Rangaswamy
Iconic international model and artist Ms. Ninja Singh, gave a talk on ‘Life with a purpose and the ultimate secret to success’. She spoke about how women are beaten down for being who they want to be and also described her venture which aims encouraging modeling among women irrespective of their skin colour. “Women need to start dreaming to come out of stereotypes. They need to be heard. No one is self-made, it has to be a collective effort", said Ms. Singh.

Noted actor and songwriter Mr. Zeeshan Ayyub also gave a motivating talk on the topic ‘The world is yours to explore’. He spoke about how failures are stepping stones to success and how satisfaction and contentment stop people from exploring their options.
Miss World Asia Ms. Koyal Rana, spoke on the topic ‘Impress yourself’. A well-known philanthropist, her talk focused on how to achieve internal happiness. “We tie our happiness to how many compliments, likes or followers we get. There are infinite such people and we would never be able to impress each one of them. The only true way of being happy is by impressing yourself", said the beauty pageant titleholder.
Renowned producer and director, Mr. Gajendra Singh, spoke on the topic ‘Be positive, think positive, live positive’. His talk focussed on the challenges he faced while conceptualizing and implementing his TV shows Antakshari and SaReGaMaPa and how keeping a positive attitude helped him achieve success.
Founder of the paperless postcards, Ms. Bistriti Poddar, spoke about how we need to give up things to achieve success. The ideapreneur and writer said “Do not be scared of giving up because the moment you break cliché, you are hoisted to achieve success”. She gave examples of how she gave up her comfort zone, fears and possessions in order to achieve success.
The last speaker of the day, bestseller author and songwriter, Mr. Divya Prakash Dubey, spoke on the topic ‘Why should you never write a book’. He urged the students to find a strong reason before attempting to write a book and change the world.

Every speaker left an impression on every mind present in the auditorium. It definitely gave them a food for thought. Perhaps it is time for all of us to explore the infinite dimensions surrounding us and surpass the boundaries that restrict us.

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