Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Effulgence 2.0 - The official IIM Raipur magazine

Media & PR Cell of IIM Raipur is proud to present the second edition of the official magazine of IIM Raipur - Effulgence 2.0.

This year, we wanted the magazine to be more than just a collection of dreary articles and a jumble of management jargon. 
We wanted to create something that would speak to the reader as he turned the pages.
Something that would embody the spirit of IIM Raipur.
We wanted it to be something that you would want to carry with you for a long time.

Well we're not sure if we've succeeded in accomplishing all of this, but what we are certain about is that you'll definitely find something worth reading within these pages.

Happy Reading!

The magazine can also be found on SlideShare

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