Friday, 14 March 2014

Fare thee well... 2012-14

Here are a few of the farewell messages sent by the PGP 2012-14 Batch students... IIM Raipur will miss the energetic and helpful students who have helped to carry forward and add to the buzzing culture of the Institute. Their energy and enthusiasm add vividness and vivacity to the ever evolving IIM Raipur. 

"It has been such an enriching experience with you all, which witnessed a tremendous transformation of myself. I owe each and every one of you my heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all the help you have offered me in moulding myself to be a better person in my life." - Vijay Krishnan Ganesan PGP 2012 -1 4

"As this journey at IIM Raipur ends, a new one is about to begin. The relationships made here were the start of an adventure. We will meet at various junctures in various capacities, but I know the awesomeness will stay." - Kaveri Sapra PGP 2012-14

"I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with you & am forever indebted for the shared experiences for the past 250 odd days....
Wish you the very best in your endeavors - journeys & targets..." - Nikhil Garge PGP 2012-14

"Had a wonderful time with you people. Got to learn a lot of things. Everyone has been patient enough to help me with my short comings and kind enough to forgive me. 
Everyone of us is wonderful in his/her own sweet way and I know we will be at the zenith of success and happiness always as we are now.Thanks for being such a wonderful family and I hope it stays the same always." - Siddhant Gupta PGP 2012-14

"The exciting two year journey has finally come to an end. Days have just passed like moments. I have enjoyed every minute of my stay here. It would not have been possible without all you awesome guys. Will miss each one of you.."- Monika Thalla PGP 2012 -14

"I thank you all for making me feel special during the last days of my stay here." - A. Sindhuja PGP 2012- 14

All the best to all of you! - IIM Raipur

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