Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Semester Exchange @ IESEG France

In today’s world, the impact of globalization is such that it is thrusting the skill levels necessary for doing business. One needs to vision business with a global perspective in order to excel. The International Student Exchange Program at IIM Raipur provides you with the ideal opportunity to fulfill that requirement and that too in one of the best B-Schools in the world. IESEG, currently one of the best B-Schools in France, constitutes students from over 30 countries around the globe. With interaction that aids in understanding various cultures, this opportunity also boosts your skill level further up the scale.

I personally admire the academic flexibility at IESEG School of Management which allows you to choose the format (intensive or extensive) of your course and the way you want to learn it. Extensive courses extend up to four months with three to four classes weekly and the intensive courses are from Monday to Friday, morning 08:30 AM to 01:00 PM, which provides you ample time for extra-curricular activities in the afterhours. It gives you complete freedom to schedule your studies and leisure perfectly.  The infrastructure at IESEG School of Management is designed to meet the everyday requirements of students. It is equipped with a world class library and a sports complex to keep you both mentally and physically fit. The to-do assignments given by the professors are precisely designed to help develop the decision making ability in students. Working with a culturally diverse team helps you to learn conflict management better. You also learn to sell your ideas to your team. It is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of ‘SUCCESS’ in your career. You will love to learn language courses especially French, which is taught in a unique way of making you interact with the local people. It is a fun activity and the assignments would require you to collect information from the public - which definitely will enhance your communication skills. International conferences and seminars will help you to interact with few of the most influencing personalities across the globe. The corporate collaborations will help you gain much needed industrial experience. They will give you the perfect platform to build on the experience gained by learning through world class teaching methodologies. These methodologies attribute to the students being motivated and innovative in finding solutions to various business issues.  

The students are considered as clients by the professor who tries to convince them with his teaching. Several trips and games are organized by the college to help the students develop their persona along with regular teaching. Parties are organized every weekend to refresh the young business minds. BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) parties are very common and full of entertainment. You can host as many parties as you want, they won`t be heavy on your pocket. The college also plays host to many competitions, functions and special dinners to make you comfortable with the French culture and cuisines. All the details will be provided during the orientation week by the International Relation Club. They help the exchange students at every stage be it for the social security, bank account, OFII stamp (required if you stay more than three months) or for the CAF (financial aid provided by the France government) to make your stay pleasant. People are really very polite and helpful. 

The history associated with the land, its culture and the architecture will simply amaze you. You will fall in 'love' with every place you visit. Despite this cold weather, your excitement and the warmth received by the people around you will keep you going good.

This experience at IESEG concluded my PGDM at IIM Raipur perfectly.

Contributed by: Anshu Katiyar, PGP 2011-13. He can be reached at pgp11008.anshu@iimraipur.ac.in

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