Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Global Leadership


Indian Institute of Management Raipur conducted guest lectures on ‘Managing across Culture’ by Mrs Josiane O’Brien and ‘Global Leadership’ Mr John O’Brien of ESCP Europe, one of the leading International B-Schools. The lectures focused on the cultural diversity in organizations and business, Leadership that is global in scope. The students had the opportunity to glean a unique insight into the evolution of management and business in Europe, and the growing importance of cultural aspects in the corporate.

                Mr John O’Brien discussed the various aspects of Global Leadership, which he had researched upon, and interacted with the students on the same subject. Mrs Josiane O’Brien discussed the European business and the cultural aspects involved therein. In further interaction with the students on how the theories and practices that are universal and differ, the Indian business leadership and cultural implications were discussed.

IIM Raipur conducts first edition of Fin-TALK: The Guest Lecture Series

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