Monday, 16 January 2012

IIM Raipur students visit SOS children camp

The IIM Raipur CSR club “Kartavya” yesterday organized a visit to SOS Mana Camp, Raipur. SOS, which has pioneered a family approach to the long-term care of orphaned and abandoned children, had invited the students of IIM Raipur to SOS camp to celebrate the festival of Makar Sankranti. The students reached the camp in the noon with a plan to organize various recreational activities for the children staying in the camp.
The fun time started with the “musical chair” event which the children enjoyed to their hearts. The two rounds of the event were contested to the core and brought out the intelligence of the children in a different manner. “Musical chair” was followed by the kite flying competition which was again enjoyed by all. Till this time the students and the children had mingled well with each other and started playing different games in different corners of the field.
Some students organized Rugby for one set of children in one corner while the other corner was occupied by the cricket lovers. The centre stage was occupied by the music lovers who organized the game of Antakshari contested between five teams. The lively environment was further sweetened by the sweets distribution after which the children exhibited their creativity through their paintings in the drawing competition.
The day ended with the beautiful prayers that we all are the children of the one God and should be thankful to him and each other for whatever we have got in our lives. The winning students were rewarded with the chocolates and other prizes. The students thanked children and staff for the wonderful experience. The children were adamant that students should keep visiting the campus on other festivals as well. Some children were so touched by the experience that they were not ready to let the students go. For many students it was an experience when one really feels good from inside and gets a sense of doing something that matters. All in all the experience was a rewarding one for both the children and the students.

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