Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dr Bhave , VP, HR, Bharat Forge visits IIM Raipur

Dr. S V Bhave , Vice President , HR , Bharat Forge visited the campus of IIM Raipur on 6th December , 2011 to have an interaction with the students of the premier B-School. Prior to working for Bharat Forge, Dr. Bhave plied his trade at Indian Organic Chemical based in Pune.
From the moment Dr. Bhave entered the hall , he looked as enthusiastic and excited as the students.he commanded an affirmative reply from the students. For a start , the students were not expecting the way the proceedings began. Dr. Bhave began by proudly showcasing the shirt he wore which showcased an embroidery of the company’s name. He pointed out that every employee working for the company wore a similar uniform regardless of his status in as per the hierarchy of responsibility in the organization. This denoted the equality represented in the organization.
“Bharat Forge believed in competing but was ruthless in cancelling out any competition. He marked out the four pillars on which formed the base of the stupendous growth of Bharat Forge. These were :
. Strategy
. Technology
. Productivity
. Skill and talent of HR
Throughout his interaction, Dr. Bhave stressed on the deep importance of a skilled and talented HR, i.e. Human Resource in the growth of an organization. But he also notified the difficulties of having a talented bunch of people. Recruiting skilled and talented HR was a difficult and important task. But retaining them was even tougher. The competition of the ever growing market added to the woes of an HR.
But Bharat Forge was well equipped to take care of this situation. Facilities were the core strength of Bharat Forge. It had a “Talent Pipeline Programme” in place to meet the needs of higher education of it’s newly recruited graduates. Pertaining to this programme, any of it’s employees could pursue education in any of the universities which had tie-ups with it. It had based it’s offices within the areas of three universities, namely, IIT Bombay, BITS Pilani, Warwick University. it even gave the employees a chance to join other organizations after the successful completion of their courses thus not hampering or restricting their future growth. This strengthened the relationship of the employees with the company and increased the feel of loyalty within each and every employee.
This led to an envious list of clients which included international companies like Alstom, David Brown, AUDI, TOYOTA, Honda, TATA, etc. in the Auto sector. the clients in the non-auto sector included Siemens, BHEL, Cameron , GE, etc.
Through the years Bharat Forge has succeeded in becoming :
The largest forging capacity in the world
The no. 1 axle aggregator in India
The no.1 exporter of wheels in India

Besides this, it has manufacturing plants in India, China, Europe and US.
This has catapulted Bharat Forge to the status of winner and it has succeeded in winning :
National Award for Best HR Practices in 2009
Golden Peacock Award for Best HR Practices in 2011

The students were particularly curious about how the company has grown multi fold in a short span of 8 years and the HR challenges for Bharat Forge. Mr Bhave highlighted the Global Talent Pool that Bharat Forge is now creating to address the challenges of a global business and also how learning were being taken from the German Plant. The company is presently cash rich and trying to diversify into non auto segments so some felt that the compnay was looking for acqusition. Mr Bhave without going into specifics maintained that the company may not go upstream and strengthen its core competency.

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