Monday, 7 November 2011

Corporate Talk By Executive Director, HR, Jindal Steel and Power Ltd

Mr. Manish Kharbanda , Executive Director , HR , Jindal Steel and Power Limited visited the IIM Raipur campus on 1st November , 2010. His maintained his main motives behind this visit  as being the interaction with the students.
Mr. Manish Kharbanda has several years of experience in which he has managed large teams and spearheaded overall strategic and human resource operations. In short, he has been working in tandem with the executives of the respective companies and the employees. He has worked in diverse cultures and with companies having diverse backgrounds.
Prior to working for Jindal Steel & Power Ltd , Mr. Kharbanda had held senior positions in human resource with companies like Airtel, Reliance Petroleum, Reliance Communication, Escotel( which is now Idea Cellular) and , Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd , being the latest recipient of his services where held the position of the Chief Human Resource Officer.
Mr. Kharbanda began by highlighting his humble beginnings and how it has helped him in achieving phenomenal success at an early age. He also stressed that humility was necessary for a professional to be successful. He also showcased humour by stating that he became an HR , only by chance , as he never studied or prepared for it. He was pushed into the job as the respective HR of the concerned company in which he was working at that time resigned from the job. This began his career as an HR.
He then described the model on which JSPL was based upon. He explained every detail pinpointing the “sustainable development” as a very important parameter for every company. “Sustainable Development” is the execution of a company’s social responsibilities which is better known as Corporate Social Responsibility. This formed the base of a company’s success anywhere. He stressed it’s importance from the point of view of the Head of HR operations. This was necessary as it could bolster the belief of the locals in a region on any company operating in it’s lands. This would in return decrease the amount of labour unrest , which could otherwise be prevalent because of disparity.
After giving his point of view on the operating procedure of JSPL , Mr. Kharbanda welcomed queries from the side of the students. He received a whole lot of questions regarding the difficulties of operation in different areas of the world. Most of the employees that seek to go to a foreign land expect a raise in salary and responsibility. Most of the companies do offer these but still, some problems hinders along. The different difficulties could arise due to :
  • Law and order problems
  • Environmental problems
  • Bureaucracy problems

According to Mr. Kharbanda the root of these problems was the hindrances due to adaptability to different cultures. He pointed out that problems could be made simpler if not solved if people could unhesitatingly adapt to different cultures and accept the mindsets of people.
To solve this problem, JSPL has chalked out a plan to show it’s employees the situations that could arise in the region where he/she intends to go for work in co-ordination with the company. It has decided to counsel the families also as they would also need to adjust. This could help the employees in getting first hand knowledge of another nation , which would hold them in good stead in the future.
Besides this point he was asked the latest trends in the market to which he replied that hydro power was the way forward for a better and smarter production of power. JSPL has invested in a huge hydro project amounting to USD 8.2 billion in Arunachal Pradesh , keeping in mind this very reason.
Along with this he gave his reasons for the satisfaction of employees at JSPL and ended with showcasing his expectations towards us for building this world towards a better future.

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