Sunday, 11 September 2011

Independence Day celebrated

IIM Raipur witnessed the 64th Independence Day anniversary with Prof. B. S Sahay , Director of IIM Raipur, hoisting the flag followed by National Anthem. The quiet misty morning turned into a morning full of spirit with students of the institute chanting of “Jai Hind” and “Vande Mataram”.
The Director in his speech addressing the students made them understand the significance of the word “Swatantra” which meant Self-control and how one could achieve his goal with the power of self control.  Everyone was their saluting the spirit of independence.
Prof. Sahay said that the institute has been growing leaps and bounds. IIM Raipur would be starting its Doctoral Program along with 4 Research Centres next year. He has always been a visionary and assured the students , of the aura of the Institution and it being a hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship .  IIM Raipur in the coming years would  be recognized for quality research and a centre for Supply chain management, he said.
IIM Raipur would be coming up with its own campus at Naya Raipur in a few years time. The new IIM Raipur campus would be a State of Art campus which would create a wave of enthralment in anybody who visits the campus.
Prof. B.S Sahay also came up with the idea of holding an International Conference on Humanitarian Logistics. Raipur being a logistics hub, the importance of leveraging its resources is very profuse in paving the way for the road to development.  
The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by a cultural event organised by the students of the institute.  The whole campus roared with brimming enthusiasm of the students who performed on songs like “Chak De India” , “Aey Mere Pyaare Watan” and “Mohe Rang De Basanti Chola”. The  group song “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” just added to the already nice ambience , depicting the spirit of “ unity in diversity”.  Everyone was busy, either in preparing for their acts aor anticipating those of their friends. The anxiety and happiness was for all to see. The students also organised and conducted a skit showcasing the present state of affairs in the nation. They depicted the strange behaviour of citizens towards their heroes in their respective fields. This was more on the serious note. To lighten things or so as to put some humour on the day students came up with stand up acts such as “Hasya Kavita”. Their was this deep happiness on everyone’s face which was very satisfying to see.  Everyone was completely engrossed in  the spirit of Independence day. 
The Independence day celebrations were carried forward smoothly with Independence Quiz , Antakshari and JAM sessions.  The eventful day coming to a grand end with the inauguration of Intra College Table Tennis Tournament.

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